Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#weddingwednesday: videography

Wedding videography seems to be one of those controversial topics when it comes to planning your big day. Why? It's expensive and some people feel that once you have all those beautiful photos, you don't need a video.

I felt really differently.

There are so many memories captured in our videography that didn't show up in the photos. I am beyond thankful that I did it.

Not only am I glad we choose to do videography, but I'm really glad I took the time to do the research and find a videographer that was not only talented but matched the overall look and feel of what I wanted for our wedding. Videographers shoot and edit in all different styles. It was important to me that everything went with our one cohesive theme.

We ended up choosing Sugar Peach Productions and chose to have a feature film, full ceremony film, and documentary film of our toasts and special dances. These are memories that I will treasure forever and I'm so incredibly glad I can re-live them by watching these beautiful films.

Take a look at our three different films and see your options:

Maisy and Mike Adams :: Wedding Ceremony at Walt Disney's Wedding Pavilion ~ Grand Floridian Resort & Spa from Sugar Peach Productions on Vimeo.

Maisy and Mike Adams Documentary Toasts and Dances from Sugar Peach Productions on Vimeo.

Maisy and Mike Adams Wedding Feature Film :: Walt Disney World, Grand Floridian Wedding Pavilion by Sugar Peach Productions from Sugar Peach Productions on Vimeo.