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  1. Hi.. I just read your advice to your husband on how to dea with your anxious times. I wonder if you have ever seen the Sad Roll cartoon. You can Google it, it's all over the Net. It always makes me smile because it reflects exactly what makes me feel better, a hug, some comforting, a little coddling. If you don't kbow it, I think you'd appreciate it. Also, don't worry about learning how to be a mom. It really does come naturally and we grow up with our children. You will be a loving and caring mother.

  2. Hello. I came across one of your post on Facebook and started reading your others and I just want you to know that you have helped me find ways to help my soon to be husband understand my anxiety and depression. I felt like I was reading from my own thoughts. It's even helped me understand myself better. You are an incredible woman and inspiration. Thank you.