Friday, April 15, 2016

life is short, eat cake for breakfast

I'm having a much better day today. I'm not sure what changed...other than the fact that I started my day out with skinny funfetti cupcakes on my desk. How can a day be bad if it starts like that?

I listened to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert on my way to work today. This quote really struck me. I do a lot of overanalyzing and questioning my abilities. Fear is not a place to let your mind live. It's not a place where your soul is going to flourish. Fear is a liar and it's not a place to hang your hat.

There are some days when the fear, the anxiety, and the 'pression monster get the best of me. We all have those days. We are allowed to have those days. Those days are not places we should live, though. Sometimes it  takes me a few days to get out of my funk, sometimes it's a day. It really all depends.

Today, I'm grateful for good people. I'm grateful for the people who are thoughtful, caring, and kind. I'm also grateful for skinny funfetti cupcakes. For the recipe, visit:

happy #foodfriday. 
maisy ann

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