Friday, March 18, 2016

just throwing it out there

I just got married. My house is a mess. I should probably be writing my doctoral dissertation right now, but I’ve been contemplating diving into the blogging world for a long time. Now seemed like a great time.

My first thought when deciding to do this was, “do I have to start wearing makeup and actually doing my hair…”

There are so many bloggers that seem like they've got it all together. If you're reading this blog thinking this will be similar, you should probably stop reading now. This blog promises to be the (hopefully somewhat cohesive) ramblings of an almost 30-year-old, A.D.D. diagnosed, doctoral student & mom of two crazy doodles. I vow to promote self-love, loving your neighbor, and not to mask the imperfections of my everyday life. It's not always pretty, but it will always be real.

Thanks for stopping by and leave me some love in the comments section if you feel so inclined!



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  1. You're so right, so many bloggers seem like they have it all together! It will be refreshing to hear about REAL life!